FOAMOTIVE has a commitment to Sustainability, a responsibility for the economic, ecological and social impact of its actions and a commitment to act in the spirit of the Ethical code of Palziv group.

FOAMOTIVE expects its business partners to act according to Ethical code/standards and to behave in a similar spirit regarding Business Ethics, Environment, Human Rights and Working Conditions, Health and Safety and, as well as, Responsible Management of Supply Chain.

FOAMOTIVE expects its suppliers to incorporate Sustainability requirements into the organization and its processes (where relevant) and to ensure that these requirements are also met by their business partners along the supply chain
FOAMOTIVE has placed a high priority on establishing and applying a Code of Conduct that all of staff across our facilities is committed to, based on mutual respect.

• Environmental protection - to be responsible and take account for their environmental impact.
• Human rights and labor rights of employees, their health and safety.
• Adhering to business ethics: Managing transparent business relations, fair market behavior.
• Use of adequate sources of raw materials- of validated smelters or mines which have been certified as conflict-free.

Environmental And Documentation
Conflict Minerals: Foamotive products do not contain any Conflict Minerals as defined by the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold).
Scrap Material: All scrap material from production at Foamotive plants is collected for reuse in future production.
Company Declarations

Sustainability letter towards suppliers
Code of Ethics – Palziv Group
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Foamotive Quality and Environmental Policy
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