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  • Wheel house acoustic parts

    New Cross Link Polyethylene-closed cell
    foam parts replace
    PUR ( PolyUrethans ) foam (Open Cell) parts

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  • Engine compartment
    Engine Compartment, Isolation of fresh air 
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  • Loudspeakers Grills
    Acoustic back wall for loudspeakers
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  • Gaskets for external mirrors
    External mirrors gaskets
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3 Dimensional Polyethylene Foam Parts

Foamotive is a multinational company with facilities in 3 different continents. Foamotive is owned 100% by the Palziv Group, which is one of the global leaders in the production of polyethylene foam cross-linked closed cell (XLPE).
Foamotive produces thermo-compressed (XLPE) foam parts for the automotive industry as a Tier 1. At the same time Foamotive supplies sealings, gaskets and acoustic applications to other Tier 1s in the industry.
 Foamotive use Palziv's raw materials for most applications and products , due to  logistic advantage of production at the same site, in special cases we offer high grade material from others sources.


Foamotive produce molded PE Foam parts with close cells that do not absorb water and offer perfect sealing, acoustic improvement, dampening of vibrations and excellent fill for hollow place in the car.
Today's trend among OEM is to replace the external Poly-Urethan  foam parts to Poly-Ethylene foam in order to save weight, eliminate water absorbtion and provide better noise reduction.

How can we help you to replace your PUR parts to Cross Link PE foam parts?

We can offer Die cut  flat parts or thermo-formed 3D parts, with closed cells inside and sealed skin all around.
Advantages: light weight,  no absorption of  water, perfect fit to matching parts,  integrated fasteners and clips.

Do you have a new application ?   please mail us your inquiry to:

Foamotive - grand opening celebrities 12/3/2016
Foamotive's opening event was organized with partecipation of  the governator
Juan Manuel Carreras Lopez and ambassador Jonathan Peled
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