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Cross Linked Polyethylene - Grades

The "PE Cross Linked foam" has several advantages:
  • Light weight
  • Thermal insulation
  • Shock and vibration absorbtion
  • Soft touch
  • Good resistance to weather conditions
  • Good resistance to chemical agents
  • Easy for machining and forming
  • Can be modified to  various specific demands, unckuding fire retardance.
Longer exposure to up to 105 degrees Celsius without deterioration.

Palziv Grades-

Density units  - Kg per Cubic Meter
Tolerance : +/-  15 %

Grade Density properties
PA25 25 standard
PA30 30 standard
PA45 45 standard
PM30 30 high rigidity

Data sheets                 

Data Sheet   PA 25 TF
Data Sheet   PA30
Data Sheet   PM30
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