Production process

Thermoformed 3 dimensional foam parts:
  • Raw material: Low Density Polyethylene Cross Linked  Foam - with closed cells
  • Density : 25-50 kg per cubic meter.
  • Split:  Foam blocks are split to designed thickness
  • Die Cut: Each layer of split foam is cut to the various components of the fabricated products.
  • Fabricate in Mold:  each cavity is filled with the designed number of foam components.
  • Press cycle:  Air tight closed moulds + applied pressure and heat , allowing enough time for the complete fusion of components, freezung of the fused part by rapid cooling.
  • Trimming and inspection: remove flash and parting line access material, inspect for blemishes and defects.
  • Pack and mark: note RH and LH seperation
  • Ship to customer's destination.                                               
  • Production of PE blocks
    Production of PE blocks
  • Raw material
    Raw material
  • Splitting
  • Splitted Mat.
    Splitted Mat.
  • Die Cut
    Die Cut
  • Thermoforming
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